Last Night

my netflix rating: 4/5 stars

when to watch: not with someone you have cheated on,  girls night, swingers night with another couple

the skinny: The movie follows a couple, Keira Knightley and Sam Worthington, through a single day/night that requires the self-control of Ghandi. Keira initially plays a smoking hot, slightly jealous girlfriend. She gets upset with her husband for not divulging the life story of his attractive co-worker, Eva Mendes, prior to a business trip he was taking the following day (with Eva). Sam Worthington plays the loyal husband who wouldn’t even think anything of the fact his co-worker is attractive to 100% of the male population.

In short, the day Sam goes off on his business trip with Eva, Keira runs into an ex, Guillaume Canet, at a coffee shop. Insert temptation here.

why you’ll love it: Keira Knightly is definitely on the top list and is incredibly sexy throughout the whole movie. The dynamic between Sam and Keira is easily relatable, especially to the demo of young married couples. The movie also does a great job showing the internal conflicts that both of these characters. You continually question what the next few scenes of the movie will show.

Although I do not recommend this movie for hanging out with the guys,  it is possible to add a little bro aspect to watching this movie by making bets on outcomes.

why you’ll hate it: Same as why you would love it, the characters are easy to relate to. If you are bitter about a relationship, I don’t think this movie won’t help extinguish the butthurt.

For the guys, Eva Mendes wears grandma attire in scenes where sexy was begging to come out.

final thoughts: This is the second movie out of 8 that I have reviewed that deals with the temptation found within marriages. I need to find another genre of movies to watch, this is getting ridiculous.

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